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Richards Akonam

Akonam Chybuikem Richards is the Missions Coordinator of Faith House Missions. Richards served with Church On the Rock Mission Abattoir as the National Music pastor. For more than twenty years now, Richards and wife Grace have been involved in pioneer missions in Cross River State and Cameroon. They have planted[…]

Alfred Eshond

Village: Boggo Water-side Tribe: Utanga Alfred surrendered to the Lordship of Christ with the planting of the only church in his community. He has grown to being the assistant to the resident missionary in his village. He is married and is blessed with children.

Robinson Elum

Village: Esa, South-West, Cameroon. Tribe: Becheve Robinson is a second generation convert whose devotion to the Master’s course is contagious. He provides assistance in children ministry in Esa, Cameroon.  

Michael Amush

Village: Mangblan, Utalpane, Kwande L.G.A., Benue State Tribe: Becheve Michael gave his life to Christ when the gospel first entered his village in December 2004. He took over the pastorate in Mangblan in 2010.and has been used of God to boost the work of evangelism in Mangblan and neighbouring Tiv[…]

Eno Udo

Village: Ekput, Ibiono L.G.A., Akwa Ibom State. Works among the Becheve tribe Eno joined Faith House Team as a volunteer in 13 January, 2010. She is the pioneer missionary pastor of the Ugbakoko field. She had had trainings in Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Christian Missionary Foundation and had worked with[…]

Ignatius Anyel

Village: Imale Tribe: Becheve Ignatius was about twelve years old when he received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Over the years, he has been part of our pioneer missionary team and has grown to pastor his own people. He received missions training from Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF), Idere, Ibadan.

Sylvanus Okpan Indah

Village: Kundeve II, Tribe:Utanga He was reached with the Gospel at a tender age and has for over fifteen years provided pastoral care over people from his tribe. He pastored the Church in his village for more than Ten years before moving to Boggo Water-side where he is presently serving[…]

Cletus Alagbo

Village: Kajinga, Akwaya District, Manyu Division, Cameroon Tribe: Becheve Cletus gave his life to Christ and is been used of God to provide pastoral care for people his people. He is married and blessed with a child.

Clement Oyor

Village: Esa- Cameroon Tribe: Becheve Clement was one of the young men that surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus during an outreach held by Akonam Richards in the late nineties. He was taken out of the village and sent to a secondary school in Obudu. He has since been working[…]

Oscar Awashima

Village: Esa, Akwaya, Manyu Division, Cameroon. Tribe: Becheve Oscar was approaching Ten years old when we encountered him with God’s Word. We had worked and taught in his community for over Fourteen years and were never allowed to start a fellowship. At God’s appointed time, a young man reached with[…]

Collins Emuwo

Village: Imale Tribe: Becheve Collins as a boy accompanied Pastor Richards to do prayer walk in Kajinga, Cameroon. That trip marked a turn in Collins’ life. He has been part of the Church leadership in Imale and has pastored the Keyi Church too. He is married with children.

Alphonse Atietie

Village: Imale Tribe: Becheve Allphonse assists the resident missionary in Keyi. He is passionate about seeing God’s will done in his life and in the lives of his fellow tribes men.

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