January 2019 Missions Update

To God be the glory for the great things He has done. He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son… the task of letting the unreached people groups know what God has done for them, remains our work and driving force.
You have stood firmly with us through the years. We do not nurture any doubt regarding the faithfulness of our God and Sender: His name is FAITHFUL. We are also persuaded to let you know that He is committed and Able to bring to pass, every PROMISE He has made concerning you, your family and vocation.
January bore us warmly in the midst of several tasks laid before us.
We had from December hosted the Free Medical Outreach held in conjunction with Pro-health International. The outcome of that outreach has put quite some work on our hands – Follow-up, discipleship meetings and also seeing to the welfare of most of the people. Among the various
activities for the month, a few are highlighted below:
Our network relationship with like-minded brethren opened doors to some of our brethren from Owerri. The Initiative for Africa Mission led by Dame Chibuzor, came visiting on the 6th of January with some young energetic Christian youths with a hunger for involvement in the task of soul-winning. They visited some of the mission stations, taught soap-making, Custard making and cucumber farming skills. An empowerment opportunity was given to 15 women from two fields – Start off funds for small businesses enterprise. The highlight of the team’s visit was the lunch with the leadership of Ogbakoko community. The team left on Saturday, 12th January.
The evening of Saturday -6th January played host to the arrival of the Insight Bible Church Team led by Pastor David Ogunshola – the Missions Desk Director, Insight Bible Church. The team members made out time to visit and encourage the hands of the missionaries in some of the mission fields. A visit was made to bring encouragement via food distribution to some of the Cameroonian Refugees in Amana. Two Missionary volunteers were left behind to join our team for a few months. The team left on the 15th of January, 2019.
On the 18th of January, I took out some time with the leadership of the Chapel we began at the Adagom Refugee Camp. The meeting ended on a Sunday morning with the Dedication of a Baby. It was so symbolic and touching. Same time I was in Ogoja, some of our team member had a church-planting exercise in Belinge, Obanliku, LGA, Cross River State.
Please thank the Lord with us as we look forward to more fulfilling month of work in February, 2019.
God’s agenda for this country cannot be hindered by any man. We align with Him in His bid to have men saved. Our allegiance is home with Him.

We like to appreciate all of you that have prayed, given and spoken for the good of the girls who tradition seek to keep in slavery.
A lot have happened – ranging from ongoing threats, attacks, profiting meetings with chiefs and Youth leaders in Becheve to plans to give the girls a home where they can be helped – rehabilitation and skill acquisition.
We are trusting God that the bond of unity-in-wickedness of the Becheve Chiefs will be broken and scattered – they tell the world that they have stopped the practice yet most of the chiefs are still keeping their Money-wives.

15 women got Ten Thousand Naira each as start-off funds for small businesses. This step frees them to an extent from dependence on male folk for survival as Money wives. Apart from other assistance given to like scholarship for their children, with time, gain from their businesses will put food on their table. There are still more, so many more women to be helped…
We have begun a training school where natives and other volunteer missionaries are trained. We are for now using a rented facility in Obudu. The facility is up for sale. We have talked with the Landlord and he has agreed to sell for Three Million. It’s a double 4 Bedroom flat with much space still available in the land.

Thank you for praying.
Thank you for your continued support.
With God on our side, our resources will serve and advance His Kingdom on earth!
“All the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters covers the sea”
Habb. 2:14 paraphrased
We are honored to have you on our team. It has made a big difference. Together we see results. Together, we reap
harvests of seeds sown. God is faithful and committed.
Thank you!
Grace and Richards Akonam

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