April 2019 Missions Update

Dearly beloved We thank you and praise God for what He is doing in our time to make His name famous. April for us, began on a praise platform –thanking God for how far He has brought us by His mighty hands and blessing us with precious gifts of people[…]

March 2019 Missions Update

Dearly Beloved, It is with a grateful heart that we write to both thank you and share briefly on some of the things we have done in the past month. Most of what we have would not have been achievable if you were not in partnership with us. We value[…]

February 2019 Missions Update

A Call To Shine. When we became Born Again, we became enrolled in the company of men and women with answer for the world’s dilemma. Armed and sent into a tasteless and dark world with the mandate to be Salt and Light. Over and again, Our Lord and Owner reminds[…]

Money Marriage

There are three types of marriage among the Becheve tribes: 1. Love Marriage: In love marriage, two consenting adults agree to be man and wife. This marriage can last for years as determined by the woman or her mother. She can leave the marriage at will and walk into another[…]

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